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About Us

LY & CZ works in the adhesive tapes market, seeking above all to offer quality products and creative solutions that adapt to the needs of its customers. 
Our diversified product line covers the various segments of use, both domestic and professional use.

Adhesive tapes of various types:
Common tapes, double-face, crepe tape, silver tape, among others
Special and Custom Ribbons
Tape of demarcation of soil and area demarcation
Gummed tape
Non-slip tape
Tape Kraft paper
Plaque Bubble
Coil paper

Believing that a good partnership opens the way for new business, translated with great respect, our greatest pleasure is to serve you in an objective and satisfactory way, always aiming at the customer's needs.

At LY & CZ you find personalized service, fast delivery, quality and great prices, consult us and try the difference.


Integrity, commitment, human valorization, overcoming of results, continuous improvement, innovation, sustainability.


Be recognized reference company as the best choice by customers, community etc., due to our work and quality of our products.